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Vauxhall Bondway

London, UK

Stemming from the tradition of efficient uses of space, mossessian & partners’ approach aims to create through a stacking process, a series of diversified buildings for the private uses required by the brief, that would be constructed on top of a commonly shared ‘table’ containing the public spaces.

The resulting stacked programmes would be unit-ed together by forming a harmonious composition that can only work as a whole, and where none of the towers can pretend to have an individuality on its own.Instead of housing all the programmes in a single envelope, the proposal would make use of a con-centration of seemingly separate entities to cre-ate an urban context within the same single plot, a place where people will be able to live, work and play..


McLaren Property

Service Provided

Full Architectural Services


Residential & Commercial


45,000 m²

Project Value



Invited Competition 2013

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