Wherever we come in with programme functions and development, there is a beautiful motto which is: How can You be There without Changing There?

We are, as architects and engineers, always starting a project by listening to context. A context that may be defined by precedents, legacy, the surroundings, physical, a vision and aspiration to engage with a mission.

The power of nature is obvious to the planet in general, to this agenda that we have to prepare the transition and achieve carbon zero. I believe that becoming exemplar in redefining and helping the agenda to demonstrate, to illustrate, the power of nature could be the redefinition of our culture.

And we need to do that. We will, one way or the other, engage. I think the vision that we are invited to contribute exemplifies the challenges we have for the future, the immediate future, but is also shifting our paradigms to look at nature totally differently and to admit the nature may be more powerful than culture at times.

So, it is not to be remissive to the beauties and to the sentiments that we may engage with our own feelings. It is really about how to shift culture, our science, our knowledge to help nature. And we will get it back … because as long as the Earth can produce what surrounds us, then we are okay.