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Guggenheim Helsinki

Helsinki, Finland

Worldwide, the Guggenheim Foundation has proved that a building can put a city on the map. With Helsinki already firmly on the map, we have focused
rather on providing a world-class building that sits harmoniously in and contributes to the urban context.

Our scheme recognises that today’s museums can and should offer so much more than simply a viewing space for collections.
Connecting the busy harbour-side to the public park, our proposal for the Helsinki Guggenheim sees the museum making a significant contribution to the
articulation and experience of the city, as well as providing a home for a world-class museum and its associated activities.

Our proposal – a ribbon that folds to link the edge of the harbour to the higher level park - extends the museum to bridge the Laivasillankatu Road, allowing
visitors to enter from both park and harbour. The ‘ribbon’ unfolds to reveal three curatorial zones: an area for outdoor public art in the courtyard that nestles in the fold, as well as a dramatic traffic underpass; space for land art on the landscaped museum roof, which also offers a dramatic entertainment space, giving Guggenheim visitors a unique and privileged vantage point over the sea;
and finally the light-controlled environment within the building itself.


Guggenheim Helsinki

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